Shelly 4PRO WiFi Quad Smart Relay

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By using Shelly 4 Pro you can control any electrical device in your home.

Shelly 4 Pro connects with your home Wi-Fi, then with Shelly Cloud. From the Cloud you can manage and operate the device from anywhere in the world.

What you can do with Shelly 4 Pro?

Shelly 4 Pro is DIN mountable in standard electricity box. With Shelly 4 Pro you can control 4 electricity chains, 10 amperes each (4 x 2300 W). You can also receive a real time consumption information.

With Shelly 4 Pro you can control your home directly through your mobile phone, no matter where you are.

Shelly 4 Pro doesn’t need a controller to be accessible. With a few simple steps you add it to the local Wi-Fi connection.

Shelly 4 Pro has a 1.8 inch colour information screen which provides information about the status of each electricity chain connected.

Shelly 4 Pro has 3 connection modes:

Access Point Mode

You can set up and control any device by simply connecting your smart phone to Shelly 4 Pro and open the Shelly 4 Pro control page on the WEB server, embedded in the relay.

Local Mode

Connect Shelly 4 Pro to your local Wi-Fi network in order to control any electrical device at home. You can control up to 65000 Shelly 4 Pro relays in a Wi-Fi network, therefore many more appliances through the WiFi-operated relays.

Cloud Mode

Shelly 4 Pro can be accessed from anywhere in the world. After installing and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network with internet access, download and install the Shelly Cloud mobile application (for Android or iOS), connect all your Shelly 4 Pro relays to your account and create scenarios with just a few clicks.

Shelly 4PRO WiFi Quad Smart Relay


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