Shelly Sense

Wi-Fi Multisensor & Universal remote controller

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What is Shelly Sense?

Shelly Sense is All-in-One room sensor and IR remote control, which can be installed in every room, office and business.

With Shelly Sense, you can control air-conditioners, TVs, home movie systems.

Shelly Sense has built-in modules for Motion Detection, Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity and Sound.

Universal remote controller
Along with the IR blaster and the mobile app Shelly Cloud you can control air conditioners, TVs, home movie systems from your smartphone.

Motion Detection
Be informed if unknown presence occurs when you are not at home.

Measure the level of light and control its ambiance.

Be aware of temperature fluctuations and keep your home comfortable at any time.

Monitor excessive changes in humidity. Avoid dryness and conditions for mold growth.

Battery life up to 10 days
Feel more comfortable with the long-lasting battery life.

Shelly Sense

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